“A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world.”

Charles C. and Lynn L. Zhang Legacy Collections Center
Western Michigan University

Charles and Lynn give a considerable amount of donations to a place that is very near to their hearts. They both received a master’s degree from WMU and now they enjoy giving back both their time and their resources to their alma mater. Lynn serves on the WMU Foundation Board of Directors and Charles has served as an adjunct professor in Finance at WMU. They have supported many of the University programs including the Haworth College of Business, the Best Midwestern High School Writing competition, the Department of Economics, the Medallion Scholarship Program, and the Academically Talented Youth Program in the Lee Honors College.

One of their biggest donations to WMU is the Charles C. and Lynn L. Zhang Legacy Collections Center. This new building on Western’s campus was made possible by the generous donation of Charles and Lynn. The Zhang Legacy Collections Center houses the WMU Archives and Regional History Collections.  The holdings total over 28,000 cubic feet, making the WMU Archives the largest facility of its type in southwestern Michigan and one of the largest in the state.  The WMU Archives preserve WMU’s papers, files, and history.  The Regional History Collections contain vital records, rolls, diaries, Civil War letters, newspaper archives, photographs, maps, and other historical materials from 12 Michigan counties.  The new, state-of-the art building has achieved silver certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system.  The facility includes a public area for researchers, genealogists, community members and students, a climate controlled storage area for the collections, and offices/workspaces for faculty and staff.


Facts about the Zhang Legacy Collections Center

  • 16,000 square foot building
  • $8,612,499 total project cost
  • Building is designed to be LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Silver
  • 28 Geothermal wells are about 370 feet deep and heat and cool the building
  • 57% of the buildings materials came from within a 500 mile radius of the project site

The Charles and Lynn Zhang Recruitment Lounge
Global Hub
Kellogg School of Management
Northwestern University

As alums of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, both Charles and Lynn have a firm belief in, and commitment to Kellogg’s educational mission: to equip and inspire tomorrow’s leaders. Most recently, Charles and Lynn have financially provided support to Kellogg’s new Global Hub; designed to embody collaborative learning and foster energy and excitement. The Hub’s purpose is to educate, equip and inspire leaders who build strong organizations and wisely leverage the power of markets to create lasting value. Charles and Lynn are grateful for the foundation the Kellogg School of Management provided for them and are so pleased to be able to give back, as they have throughout their lives by supporting local and national organizations.

 The Charles and Lynn Zhang Recruitment Lounge Photo, Financial Advisor Donation - Zhang Financial

Charles and Lynn Zhang Professorship of Economics
Charles and Lynn Zhang Professorship of English and Comparative Literature
Columbia University

As a continuation of their philanthropy, Charles and Lynn recently established two endowed professorships at Columbia University, one in Economics and one in English and Comparative Literature.  Charles and Lynn have a long history of supporting educational institutions, especially those that have had, and to continue to have, a positive impact on their lives.  Charles and Lynn both attended the Executive Education program at Columbia University and their sons, Mitchell and Alex, are currently attending Columbia University's Columbia College.  

Charles and Lynn Zhang Professorship of Economics
Through endowed professorships, Columbia is able to attract and retain the most influential thinkers in economics and finance.  Economics professors at Columbia not only contribute their own research, they teach undergraduates and promising graduate students to become the next generation of leaders in this evolving field.  Thus far, there have been seven Columbia University graduates who have gone on to receive the Nobel Prize in Economics. They are: Alvin E. Roth, Kenneth J. Arrow, Milton Friedman, Robert C. Merton, Robert W. Fogel, Simon S. Kuznets, and William Vickrey.

The Trustees of Columbia University have named José A. Scheinkman as the first Charles and Lynn Zhang Professor of Economics.  Professor Scheinkman spent 26 years at the University of Chicago, rising from assistant professor to Alvin H. Baum Distinguished Service Professor and Chairman of the Department of Economics.  He was also appointed the Theodore A. Wells ’29 Professor of Economics at Princeton University. Since 2013, he has served at Columbia as the Edwin W. Rickert Professor of Economics, a position he will relinquish for the honor of accepting the Zhang Professorship.  In addition, from 2012 to 2015, Professor Scheinkman was the chair of the Economic Sciences section of the National Academy of Sciences.

Charles and Lynn Zhang Professorship of English and Comparative Literature
Professorships are essential to Columbia’s strength, encouraging the leading-edge scholarship and inspiring mentorship that have long distinguished the University. Thus far, there have been five professors who have received the Nobel Prize in Literature. They are: Orhan Pamuk(2006), Derek Walcott(1992), Gabriela Mistral(1945), Joseph Brodsky(1987), and Nadine Gordimer(1991).

Through the establishment of the Charles and Lynn Zhang Professorship of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia will remain home to one of the most promising, innovative, and expert scholars and educators in the field of American literature and culture.  The Trustees of Columbia University have named Professor Branka Arsic′ as the inaugural Charles and Lynn Zhang Professor of English and Comparative Literature.  Professor Arsić specializes in literatures of the 19th century America and their scientific, philosophical and religious contexts. She has taught at SUNY-Albany, Dartmouth, Cornell, and Brown.  Since earning her PhD, Professor Arsic′ has solidified her reputation as a scholar of the highest order.   Her work is distinguished by its academic rigor, scope, and originality; bringing a unique and fresh perspective to bear on classic American Literature. Her most recent book, Bird Relics: Grief and Vitalism in Thoreau (Harvard University Press, 2016), explores Thoreau’s relation to mourning practices and the natural world, examining ideas and assumptions that surround the work as much as the author himself.  Professor Arsic′ is also the author of On Leaving: A Reading in Emerson (Harvard University Press 2010), a book on Herman Meleville, Passive Constitutions or 71/2 Times Bartleby (Stanford University Press, 2007), and many more.

Read more> https://www.college.columbia.edu/campaign/impact/faculty/inspired-their-sons


Charles and Lynn Zhang Career Center
Haworth College of Business
Western Michigan University

Through their generous gift to the Zhang Career Center of Western Michigan’s Haworth College of Business, Charles and Lynn have invested in the next generation of visionary business leaders. The career center, a dedicated space within the college for business students to connect with career advisors and employers, provides tremendous value to the student body of the college of business through co-curricular professional development programs, as well as to the employer community seeking talent for their organizations. It offers a one-stop shop for all things career-related for both student and employer audiences. From broad and specialized career fairs to resume critiques to private interview suites, the center is known for its array of activities connecting talented students with hiring organizations.

As Dr. Kay Palan, Dean of the Haworth College of Business says, "We are extremely grateful for this gift, which will help students for years to come. The Zhangs recognize and understand completely that quality business education is a critical need. Their gift will go to support just that."

WMU Ceremony 1(1)  WMU Ceremony Wall

The Zhang Financial Room
Heritage Hall
Western Michigan University

Due to the generosity of Zhang Financial and Charles and Lynn Zhang, the 1903 Room in Western Michigan University’s Heritage Hall will be named The Zhang Financial Room.  The room itself has a living room-like space that includes a 7-ton sandstone fireplace that was moved from North Hall.  The plaque will read:  “The Zhang Financial Room is dedicated by Charles C. Zhang and Lynn L. Chen-Zhang and Zhang Financial.”  The room will, from now on, be referred to as the “Zhang Financial Room.” 

ZF Room 

Charles and Lynn Zhang's Portage Building, 1302 W. Milham
Now a Counseling Center for Family & Children Services

Charles and Lynn Zhang called 1302 W. Milham, Portage MI, the home of Zhang Financial for 15 years, from 2000 through 2014.  Due to the growth of their business, Charles and Lynn moved Zhang Financial to it's new location at 5931 Oakland Drive in 2015.  In their continued wish to support and grow the community, Charles and Lynn generously donated the entire building at 1302 W. Milham to Family & Children Services for use as a counseling center.

For more than 110 years, Family & Children Services has been the voice of concern and compassion for society's most vulnerable citizens. The Agency’s mission is embraced by their 23-member Board of Directors and staff of 240, who commit every day to being A Source of Hope for those they serve. Family & Children Services responds to each community and its changing needs, inviting community members to join them through donation and volunteer service.

The Agency offers more than 30 behavioral health and child welfare programs and services as one organizationboard members, staff, and foster parentswith a unity of purpose. All services are strength-based and client-centered, supporting individuals and families as they create healthy changes in their lives. Family & Children Services is dedicated toand known forbest practices in human-service delivery in the community. Read More>

front of building  Zhang Building 1t

The Local Community

Charles and Lynn feel a deep connection with the local community as it has become the place they call home. Some of the recipients of their donations include the Stulberg Competition, Portage Northern Cheer, St. Augustine Catholic Church, the Portage Northern Marching Band, the Portage Central Performing Arts, the Kalamazoo Male Chorus, and the Kalamazoo Community Chorale.  

Wealth Management Company Supports Local Schools Image - Zhang Financial

Ministry with Community

Charles and Lynn have an enthusiasm for helping those in need. They make donations to the annual event called Chefs Against Hunger and in 2014 and 2015, Zhang Financial was the lead sponsor for the event. They continuously volunteer their time and money to Ministry with Community, a non-profit organization that provides shelter, food, and help to adults and families in crisis.

Ministry with Community is an important organization in the Zhang family. Charles and Lynn have instilled a sense of giving into their two sons, Alex and Mitchell, who spend most of their days during their spring and summer breaks volunteering.

The family was also honored at Ministry with Community’s Annual Open House. Each year, they recognize outstanding members, volunteers, and local businesses that have impacted the organization with their commitment and dedication to Ministry with Community. In 2012, the Zhang Family won an award entitled, “The Sisters of St. Joseph Group Volunteers of Excellence Award.” Previous winners of this award include the Notre Dame Alumni Association.

Local Youth Give Back Article Image, Wealth Management Company - Zhang Financial
Financial Advisor, Local Youth Give Back Photo - Zhang Financial 

Zhang Financial is committed to Ministry with Community. The firm participates in the Sponsor-A-Meal program and volunteers to serve lunch as a group.

Animal Rescue

With an office that is full of animal lovers, it is no surprise what a big supporter of local animal shelters Zhang Financial is. Charles and Lynn have made donations to both the Humane Society and to the Kalamazoo Animal Rescue. Both organizations have a mission to help save animals and give them a comfortable environment to live in while they wait for a home. In 2015 and 2016, Zhang Financial was very proud to be the Presenting Sponsor for the Annual Doggie Dash 5K Run in support of our local SPCA, which is a no-kill shelter.

The Pets of Financial Advisor Office Image - Zhang Financial

ARK Angel Network

ARK Angel Network is an organization that raises money and gathers volunteers to help at risk kids around the world. They rely on donations from generous individuals to continue their mission. Zhang Financial is a strong supporter of ARK Angel Network, and the contributions have helped to make their vision a reality.

ARK Angel Network Photo, Financial Advisor - Zhang Financial

Clean Water for the World

Clean water for the world is a local Kalamazoo organization that is dedicated to bringing fresh water to those that need it. Every 15 seconds, a child dies from a water-borne disease. This organization is committed to ending this problem that faces the world today. The donations of Zhang Financial have helped bring fresh water to those in desperate need of it.

Clear Water for the World Photo, Financial Advisor Donations - Zhang Financial

Volunteer Kalamazoo

Volunteer Kalamazoo is an association that helps connect non-profit organizations with people who want to volunteer. They are helping to improve the Kalamazoo community with their efforts. Volunteer Kalamazoo relies on donations from people like Charles and Lynn, who have recently helped support them in their annual fundraising event called Eat, Drink, Give.

Get Into Your City Image, Financial Advisor Donations - Zhang Financial

Friends of the Portage Senior Center

Zhang Financial is a supporter of the Friends of the Portage Senior Center. This organization is dedicated to supporting seniors in the Portage and Kalamazoo community. This organization is responsible for raising a certain amount of funding per year. They heavily rely on donations from giving individuals in their community. The donations of Zhang Financial have helped the Friends of the Portage Senior Center carry on with their day-to-day tasks of enriching the lives of seniors.

Friends of the Portage Senior Center, Financial Advisor Donations - Zhang Financial

Miller Auditorium/Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra

Zhang Financial is a supporter of Western Michigan University’s Miller Auditorium and the KSO. Charles and Lynn have been supporting Miller Auditorium for many years, and have had the opportunity to meet many great people. In September 2012, they sponsored the Lang Lang Show. Since then, their sponsorship has helped to bring some of the biggest shows and performers, including Kenny Rogers, Michael Bolton, and Randy Travis. Zhang Financial has been a KSO Pops! Series Underwriter for the past two seasons and Lynn is also a member of the KSO Board of Directors.
Miller Auditorium Photo, Financial Advisor Support - Zhang Financial  
Financial Advisor Supports Miller Auditorium Photo - Zhang Financial  
Financial Advisor Supports Miller Auditorium Picture - Zhang Financial  

Grand Rapids Symphony

Zhang Financial is a proud supporter of the Grand Rapids Symphony. In March 2014, Charles and Lynn had the privilege to sponsor the Richard and Helen DeVos Classical Series at the DeVos Performance Hall.

Financial Advisor Supports Grand Rapids Symphony Photo - Zhang Financial  

Michigan’s Tae Kwon Do Cup

As a 3rd Dan black belt himself, Charles enjoys sponsoring Michigan’s Tae Kwon Do Cup. The Michigan Cup is the largest Tae Kwon Do Championship in the area and it has been growing every year since it began. It has now become an international event and there are competitors from countries such as Canada, Bermuda, Mexico, and Korea. The generous sponsorship of Charles and Lynn helps to put this event on each year.

Financial Advisory Supports Michigan's Tae Kwon Do Cup Photo - Zhang Financial